I have two kids, and usually take charge of watching the older one (2 1/2 years old)... while my wife watches the younger kid (11 months).

I have never watched the 11 month old all day, because she's still breastfeeding and she doesn't like to take a bottle (of pumped breastmilk) except from her nanny. Since I can't handle the feedings by myself, we usually just divide and conquer on the kids. It's an efficient system, and works really well for the whole family.

I think the net result though (and it's entirely my fault) has been that I'm not really that close to my daughter yet... it's something I want to address in the coming weeks. Maybe I just start bottle-feeding her the pumped milk. I dunno? I gotta do something though, because it's not good long term. She's probably going to be breastfed for another 4 months, at least.

Do you ever wonder if breastfeeding is creating distance between you and your child? Do you bottlefeed, or do you just find other ways to spend a lot of time with your child?