Hey Dads (and Moms), You can really speak to any of the securing you've done around the house to protect LO from your house (and likewise your house from LO). But in trying to set up the nursery I'm facing a dilemma about the placement of the video baby monitor, so I wanted to get some insight from those of you who've installed video monitors and how you handled the placement.

I feel like the most ideal placement for a video monitor is to mount it on the wall centered over the crib, but the power cord they give you is so short and cords need to be 3 feet from the crib. So I feel like the most ideal thing might be to poke a hole in the wall by where I want to mount it and then another in the wall down by the baseboard so I can snake the power cord up to the monitor. Then just run an extension cord from the nearest outlet to under the crib to plug in the cable.

Maybe it wouldn't be the worst thing to put it high on a shelf beside the crib, but the way we have the crib setup, the baby will be blocked by the side of the crib and/or the mobile.