I'm looking for the Dad's input only on this one....

...And parenting is like cooking - everybody seasons their recipe just a little different than the next guy. Personally, I marinate my ribeyes before grilling them :-D.

Our son will be 4 months old tomorrow and he started his '4 month sleep regression' somewhere around 3-4 weeks ago. He had been sleeping from about 8pm-4am with no interruptions before this new pattern developed. We have laid him down awake in his crib and he's fallen asleep without crying before, so we know it's possible. Since he started this new sleeping pattern he has been difficult to console at night. He screams and cries no matter what you do to try to comfort him. He sleeps well for the first 3 hours and then he screams every 45-90 minutes after that. We have always swaddled him and tried variations of that(one arm out, both arms out) to try to make him happier, but nothing seemed to help.

My wife mentioned the Ferber method as an option that she'd heard about on the forum and websites that might help. We read up on it briefly and after our pediatrician suggested "let him cry it out" we were willing to try something new. Every kid is different, so it's hard to say if this method will work over any other method.

I'm curious if any of the dads have tried this and what their opinions are? Was it hard to stomach listening to him cry? Was it successful? What did you vary, if anything?

We're only into night 2 and so far we've noticed an improvement with his sleep patterns and mannerisms in the first night. He didn't fight our short efforts to console him and fell back asleep MUCH faster than before when we would hold him and rock him. I'm interested to see how this works out for us and how it has worked out for others.