Hey dads, Last week when DW innocuously wanted to meet up for a lunch date I have to admit getting the good news wasn't something on my mind. I mean, we had been trying for a little while so it wasn't like I was completely blindsided, but still she did a good job catching me off guard. When she picked me up from work, she told me she had something for me and pointed to a bag on the floor by my feet. When I peeked inside I found a few baby outfits and a positive pregnancy test. After a couple "For real?...Yes!" exchanges it of course got super emotional, and we were both beaming all throughout lunch. Made for quite the conversation piece. On the car ride to and from, I kept looking in the bag as if to try to reassure myself that I hadn't just imagined this.

So where were you when you got the news and how did she tell you?